"Skagenröra" - The Perfect Appetizer

- The perfect appetizer for when having friends over - Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! Earlier this week I threw together some Skagen Toast and thought it was way too good to not mention here on the blog. I also fried the bread in garlic and butter, just to give it some color and flavor, but this recipe is for when using scandinavian rye ...

Vegetarian Wraps

- Quick, easy to make and vegetarian - For a month and a half now my diet has been vegetarian and I have absolutely no problem with it. I didn't think it would be this easy considering visits to restaurants and various dinner parties but it has really been much easier than expected. I don't know for how long I will keep up this vegetarian diet and ...

Crêpes for Breakfast

- How to start a new week ... - Good morning you guys! Monday and a new week, and this is how we started the new day - crêpes with yummy topping. Mondays are always a little bit better if you pamper yourself a little, don't you agree? In an hour or two Viccan will arrive and later tonight it's Brazilian dancing on my part. But first I have a bunch ...

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