Oversized Perfection

- The cozy oversized sweater - My first outfitpost with bangs! It's not that easy though keeping the hair in place when it's windy outside, but I think the pictures turned out pretty great even if there were some struggle. Although I'm happy about my new hair, this post is about my new absolutely lovely sweater! As you may know already I have a ...

My Favorite Place in the Apartment

- The beauty Corner - Here it is, my favorite place in the apartment - my own little beauty corner. I just love the luxorious feeling with the mirror, the dark walls, the roses and the lights. This will also be the place where I do my customers makeup now when it's dark outside ( the stool will be replaced though ). It's not that easy however ...

The Perfect Grey Coat

- The perfect cozy coat for winter - The coziness factor on this coat is off the charts! So damn lovely. Love the color, the length and that it has a kind of bult in scarf that you can wrap around yourself according to style and taste (or take it off all together if that's what you want). It's ok for it to be cold now that I have this in my ...

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